legs open wide
Legs open wide

The Failure

Our model Julie's story

Disclaimer, or to put it another way, covering my ass-

In case Julie sees this story, and before she sues us for libel, we would like to point out that this story was inspired by the amusing tale she told us about herself while we were in the bar. We strongly emphasize that she is no longer a failure, being a highly successful as well as beautiful photographic model. Phew!

By the way, see how long into the story it takes for you to spot that Julie is British, though rumour has it she's earning a fortune opening her legs abroad now. I don't know why our girls have to seek their fame and fortune abroad anyway, why travel to Las Vegas or Honolulu when you come from somewhere as exciting as Milton Keynes (if you're not British, that one's probably lost on you!) By the way, all pictures were taken in the UK, although some of our models were foreign students.

Here goes...

Julie was a complete failure. The only time she did not make a complete cock-up was as a prostitute!

Julie draws back the sheet and seductively lowers herself toward the old man lying on the bed beneath her. She languorously slides her head down his scrawny torso toward his still flaccid equipment, licking and nibbling all the way.

On reaching his cock, Julie lightly caresses his balls, then takes the loose skin into her mouth and gently teases with her teeth.

She takes hold of his penis. Still soft!

Thoughts come of how she came to be in such a position with a complete stranger. It was Fred's idea! And now he is hiding in the closet with a camera. If she could just pull this one off - literally - it would be the first time she had ever finished a job properly.

Taking his limp cock into her mouth she casts her mind back over the disastrous life and career that was to culminate in this.

Education for Julie ended when the headmaster expelled her for the pettiest of reasons. It was only an accident any way. And after all, the fire brigade saved most of the school. All except the chemistry lab where the fire started.

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