legs open wide
Legs open wide

Striptease Dancer

"Umm…" thought Fred, his forehead suddenly bathed in sweat at the enormity of such a difficult question, plus the unaccustomed strain of thinking at all. "How about a getaway drive…no you can't drive, and I suppose that's illegal anyway."

A pause, then, "I've got it!" shouted Fred.

"What, what?"

"You could… no, that's illegal too."

"There must be something legal I could do for you," whimpered Julie, tears of desperation escaping her eyes.

Fred pondered. He pondered some more. "There's only one job I can offer you that's legal. But you won't like it."

"Tell me- I'm desperate enough to try almost anything."

"Okay, how about being a stripper?"

Julie had always been an exhibitionist- she loved stripping completely nude on the nudist beach, believing bikinis are only for grannies. She loved to sit down near a man on the beach, then slowly undress in front of him. Then she'd lay back pretending to read a book, and "accidentally" forget to keep her legs closed, knowing the man would be staring at her neatly trimmed crotch. But in a strange way she was shy as well. She was actually more shy about dancing in front of an audience. So she couldn't admit to her brother that she was more reluctant about dancing in public than opening her legs wide to expose her cunt to a room full of strangers.

"You mean take my clothes off- in front of strange men?

"Its either that or keep working for the government as an artist!" (Explanation for non-Brits, drawing the dole or unemployment benefit).

So she thought it over for a while before deciding the thrill of opening her legs in front of all those men would be worth the embarrassment of dancing in front of them. "I'll do it. But only if I can go someplace else- I don't want anyone I know to see me."

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