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Legs open wide

Dancing Naked

"Good," said Fred, "I've got a booking for a stripper at the 'King's Arms' in Crudborough on Saturday, at 8 o'clock. My normal girls suffering from an acute case of pregnancy. It's a private party in the function room upstairs, so just take a CD to dance to and hand it to the de-jay. Tell him your name and he'll know who you are. Its all arranged and I'll grab the dosh off the gaffer (translation- get the pay from the manager) the next day. But for God's sake, don't cock it up."

Saturday evening arrived. Julie was so nervous, she spent ages putting on her best lingerie. Seven-thirty found Julie pacing outside the door of the 'King's Head,' butterflies re-enacting the Battle of Britain in her stomach. Still a half hour to wait! Finally at ten to eight she could wait no longer, it was now or never. She pushed open the door, mounted the stairs to the function room and approached the disc jockey across the empty dance floor.

Removing her coat as she went, Julie's legs felt like jelly as she imagined every eye following her. In fact they were, since she was attired in a long green silk dress split nearly to the waist, stocking tops very noticeably showing like a Skoda Felicia on the starting grid at Brands Hatch, or a Ferrari parked in Tesco's car park.

"Hi, I'm Julie."

"That's nice," replied the disk jockey (strange answer thought Julie).

"Can I dance here, on this stage?"

"Sure," he replied, apparently a man of few words, with a shrug of his shoulders.

She felt even more nervous standing next to the stage whilst the current record played out. Julie couldn't help noticing how many couples were there. She'd always thought these sorts of parties were usually an all mail affair. As the Disk Jockey faded it out and faded in Julie's track, he announced, "This one's for Julie." Strange way to announce a stripper, thought Julie.

Julie mounted the steps back to the stage then took long sensuous strides to the centre, marking the beat. As she started to dance, slowly her nerves ebbed away; the worst bit had been getting there in the first place.

As Julie pranced and boogied about the floor, teasing the hem up the length of her long legs, gradually revealing her brief panties for longer and longer, she was viewed with differing emotions. Many approved whole-heartedly. These were of course mainly men. Quite a few cocks were straightening out into bulging erections. Some were shocked and disapproving. These were mostly women. Of those who were turned on eleven were women. Three were outright lesbians and eight were bi-curious, of which six were to use Julie's dance as an excuse to their husbands to admit they wanted to sleep with another woman. Lucky bastard husbands.

Of those men who approved, many felt how much they'd like to fuck Julie. Most of these were of course married. The wives of four of them were amongst the bi-curious ones.

As Julie slowly and seductively released the poppers at the top of her dress, then dropped it to the floor, her nerves fell away with it, like a caterpillar shedding its skin to reveal the butterfly within (wow, what literary stile. If only this story were American, it'd win a Pulitzer with no trouble).

As she unbuttoned her dress she still felt a little nervous.

As the top of her dress passed her frilly front-loading black bra, she felt a little better.

As it passed by her scanty black semi transparent panties (which were actually one of Fred's bikini bottoms he sold in the market, after being washed once), she felt completely at ease.

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And as it slid quickly down her sheer black seemed stockings, her exhibitionism finally overcame her nervousness at dancing for a room full of strangers. The disco beat throbbed as Julie twirled and cavorted, now reaching down and deftly parting one suspender strap from its stocking.

Another suspender strap went the same way and several more male members started to sit up, ever hopeful of joining the action, ever optimistic as only a penis can be. Straps three and four were followed with the removal and casting aside of the complete belt.

Leaning back on a conveniently placed chair, Julie slid a stocking down one of her shapely limbs to be pulled from her pointing toes revealing the tanned, smooth leg. After a perfectly timed interval, the other stocking followed, to be flung haphazardly into the audience.

Julie stretched herself languorously from the chair before resuming the former hectic pace of her twisting dance, captivating the audience like the spell of the snake charmer. As she slid her fingers into the cup of her bra, she explored within, groping herself, the audience belonged to her. She undid the catch smoothly, with a single motion, in a way men rarely manage to achieve with this oh so enticing, yet awkward contraption. The bra fell to the floor to join the rest of the unheeded, discarded clothing scattered asunder. In a twinkling her hands covered the points of her breasts, delaying the moment of final revelation. Then she moved her hands so slowly away till eventually her nipples stood pink and exposed.

And now her hands went under the lace of her panties to enter the Promised Land, ready for the culmination of the tease. Keeping her pubic hair covered but for fleeting glimpses, she left one hand at a time in place whilst using the other to slowly tease down her damp-crotched panties. She turned away from the audience to expose her very spankable bottom, before finally dropping her panties to the floor.

Naked now she turned round to the audience and removed the covering hand. She reached both arms as high into the air as she could, thrilled at the feeling of exposing every inch of her full frontal nude body to the onlookers. Now she knew she was desperate for more, desperate for an orgasm. She sat down on the floor and opened her legs as wide as she possibly could, thrilling in the feel of the audience staring unashamedly at her exposed and naked pussy. She reached one hand down between her legs and inserted a finger...


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