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The failure... continued

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Naked now she turned round to the audience and removed the covering hand. She reached both arms as high into the air as she could, thrilled at the feeling of exposing every inch of her full frontal nude body to the onlookers. Now she knew she was desperate for more, desperate for an orgasm. She sat down on the floor and opened her legs as wide as she possibly could, thrilling in the feel of the audience staring unashamedly at her exposed and naked pussy. She reached one hand down between her legs and inserted a finger into her already sopping cunt. It went in so easily and in no time she had inserted a second, then a third. She reached deep inside herself and found her g-spot. She then frigged herself to one of the quickest, yet the deepest, most shattering orgasm she had ever experienced. What made the experience so overwhelming was the sheer feel of forbidden pleasure as she masturbated in front of her audience. Her fingers, ass and the floor were drenched as she gushed for the first time in her life.

The next morning Julie awoke refreshed from the sleep of the completely fulfilled. She picked up the phone and dialled Fred's number.

"Good morning, Fred."

"You silly cow!" shot back Fred vehemently. A shocked pause followed.

"What do you mean… they loved me!"

"But you didn't even turn up!"

"Don't be silly, I got to the 'King's Head' early, and I did it!"

"What do you mean, 'King's Head'?" questioned Fred in a resigned tone of, "oh no, she cocked up again."

"You were meant to be at the 'King's Arms.'

"Oh shit," commented Julie, expressing a feeling of deep remorse in the word 'shit.'

"How can I ever make it up to you?"

"You can't," replied Fred coldly, "and there's no other work I've got you could do for me. Not unless you'll do some escort work for me. And you're too proud for that aren't you?"

After arguing for a while, Julie hung up actually thinking of working on her back, she was so desperate. It could not be too bad she thought naively. Fred is always short of girls, and perhaps if she helped him out it could make up for all the trouble she had caused him. She decided then she would ring him back, and tell him she would do it. That evening would be best - best to get it over with as soon as possible.

Evening came, with Julie even more frightened than the night before. Fred was making her street walk first, to prove she was trustworthy before 'promoting' her to working the hotels as an escort. She could not stop wondering about the morals of a brother - even a step brother - who would make his sister do such a thing, and take half of the money. Her feeling of guilt to her brother of last night had reverted to her previous dislike for him. But now it was a cold hatred. Yet she was desperate, and she felt she had to prove she could do something right for the first time in her life.

Her clothes tonight left little doubt as to her new trade. She wore a thin red top with a plunging neckline, and obviously no bra underneath. Next down came a pleated grey pussy pelmet, which with a little imagination could be considered long enough to be called a mini-skirt, rather than a belt. Under this she had a tiny white g-string, which became public knowledge every time she moved. Her long legs were bare down to the red high-heeled shoes, the heels being so long and pointed as to be a potential lethal weapon.

Fred had shown Julie her beat, and gone off to wait in the local. Now she was pacing up and down the street looking for likely prey. This soon came along in the shape of a quiet dishy tall bloke of about twenty-five.

"You looking for a good time, luv?" enquired Julie, feeling and sounding a little silly taking her new role so seriously. After all, she was a complete novice at the game.

"I certainly am. Especially with a bird like you!"

So Julie took him to the seedy hotel Fred had pointed out to her. He had an agreement with the desk clerk to let the rooms out by the hour to Fred's girls and their punters. On the way past she collected the keys to a room from the clerk.

As they ascended the stairs, the punter put his hand straight up Julie's skirt, and placed it reasonably tenderly on her warm posterior. Julie felt a shiver of anticipation go down her spine and she decided straight away she was going to enjoy this.

They entered the room and Julie closed the door. While she did this, her punter was throwing his clothes off as fast as he could. After a pause of about one microsecond, she was thrown forcefully, almost brutally onto the bed.

"Get 'em off, I'm gonna fuck yer," Julie's partner exclaimed with as much romance as a Challenger tank on manoeuvres.

"Treat me rough, take me, take me!" Julie shouted in a similar vein. She realised now what was missing from her sex life. Her boyfriend was always too much the gentleman; he had never just pushed her back, dominated her and taken her like this.

Julie's lucky find literally destroyed her g-string as he ripped it off. She didn't care; in fact it whetted her appetite to feel his penis inside her even more.

Immediately he forced her legs far apart, as far as they could go. Then he buried his tongue deep as its length would allow into her eagerly waiting, already damp pussy. The faint musky smell penetrated instantly into his nose, far better than any sweet smelling, artificial perfume.

Her gasp was a sudden, powerful, almost surprised intake of breath. The already flowing juices turned to a torrent, running down her partner's tongue to the back of his throat.

"Don't wait, fuck me now," she begged.

He pulled himself up toward her, ready to penetrate her, then moved his cock into position before plunging it deep into her ready and inviting passion pit. Now his tongue wormed far down into the roots of her warm inviting mouth and their tongues entwined, flicking and exploring. He fucked her with long fast, yet rhythmic strokes. Together they built toward long shattering exhausting climaxes, before collapsing, totally spent and fulfilled.

Eventually, Julie's partner eventually gathered enough strength to utter weakly, "by the way, my name's John."

"Thanks, John, you were fantastic. I'm Julie."

They lay together awhile, till they could summon the strength to put on their clothes and leave. This was a simple process for Julie, all she had to do was pull her top back over her tits. The g-string was too shredded to be worth trying to put back on, so she left it off. They descended the stairs, and at the entrance to the hotel enjoyed one last, lingering kiss. Rather embarrassingly, John headed off in the direction Julie wanted to take. So she waited a couple of minutes till he was out of site.

Julie headed off to the pub Fred was waiting in. As she arrived, she was aware she could hardly go in with her ass showing to the rear and her pubes on full view to the front under the hem of her tiny mini-skirt. Fortunately it was dark, so she waited a little way down an alley, hoping Fred would come out soon.

Fortunately, Fred came out after about ten minutes. She risked a foray toward him as he was by then right under a street light. She was smiling broadly, with pride at a job well done at last. He had a rather deadpan expression.

"I've done it!" Julie shouted loud enough to he heard within the pub. "And it was bloody good."

"You dozy cow!" replied Fred. "It was lucky I sent a mate to test you out. You forgot to get any money off him!"

Julie's face coloured, in a great impression of a tomato. "Oh God, I knew I'd forgotten something!"

"I knew you'd cock it up somehow," chuckled Fred. "But John did tell me you gave him the best fuck of his life. That makes you perfect for another little scheme I've got planned. And you can't possibly cock it up, as I'll collect the money. In fact the beauty of it is, with your talent, you will be making a cock - up as part of the plan!"

So Fred explained his plan. He had his eyes on blackmailing a rich old bloke. More importantly, a married rich old bloke. Even more importantly, a married rich old bloke, who was also a JP and Councillor. He had used the services of some of Fred's escorts and massage girls. Julie was to go to see him at his surgery about a cracked paving stone, or the rubbish not being collected. She was to make it clear she fancied older men and invite him along to her house to see the paving stone outside. The house was actually a rented one Fred had the use of at the time (in a false name). Julie would get him into the bedroom, then at a pre-arranged signal Fred would burst out of the closet and photograph him in a compromising situation.

By now Julie had reached the end of her daydream, reminiscing on what had brought her to this situation. Her mind had come back to the present, the bedroom, the old bloke, and the cock in her mouth. With a start she realised it had grown hard. Rock hard! Time for the signal.

"Would you like to come in my mouth, or better still, how about giving me a facial!?"

This was the signal. She took it back into her mouth, at the same time as the closet door crashed open. A camera shutter sounded, a flash fired blindingly and Fred wound on (before digital, this). Fred kept on firing until the old bloke had managed to extricate himself from Julie and throw himself to the floor out of site of the camera.

Julie smiled at a job well done. This time she knew she had done her job properly, the first time in her life.

"I've got you, you old bastard! This'll cost you a packet!" exclaims Fred. He pushes in the rewind button on the base of the camera. But as he starts to rotate the rewind knob, it turns too easily, with no feeling of resistance. And by now the old bloke has his trousers on and is running from the house as fast as his aged legs could carry him. Fred's heart sinks.

"Shit!" he exclaimed under his breath. "I didn't load the camera!"

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