My girlfriend only let me lick out her pussy after I agreed to piss on her! What would you do for me if I allowed you to fuck me?

Wendy and I both went on the same photo shoot recently, with a few other models and some photographers. Wendy is the blonde on the following pages.

The three things I love best in life are sex (with men or women), tasting cum or pussy and exposing myself. I had the time of my life, as this day I managed to combine all three! I exposed myself to the photographers having sex with Wendy and tasting her divine pussy.

Wendy's biggest love in life is watersports, and it was only fair I returned the favor for her letting me lick her out. So you can see her pissing and me pissing in her hand at her site

The juiciest pictures are inside. I open my legs wide and Wendy and I lick each others' pussies. I also excite myself with my vibrator. You'll also find an email link so you can send me a message telling me what you'd like to do to me and what you would do to me if I let you fuck me.

This site contains sexually explicit images. Those under 18, or those easily offended should not enter.

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