Bicurious Belinda

BiCurious Belinda

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Belinda is sitting naked in the straw

Naked in the straw

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I want to have my first fuck with another girl -

let me tell you about it!

I've arranged for this site to be set up so men, women and couples can view me nude, with my legs open wide. Those interested in what they see can email me from inside the site and tell me what they'd like to do with me.

When I first thought of this idea, I was mainly interested in meeting men. But for years now I've had this yearning within to fuck with another girl. I've often seen a girl I fancy, but never plucked up the courage to try and seduce her! It all came to a head recently at a photo shoot when I posed with a model called Wanda (she's the brunette on the following pages). She certainly likes to fuck men, several fucked her during the shoot. Whilst I was modeling alone, I knew each time she was fucking one of the photographers because all my photographers would suddenly disappear!

Anyway, after the photo shoot I was chatting with her in a bar. She told me she's been with a few other girls, although she prefers men. She said she usually only ended up in bed with another girl when in the right mood, i.e. mainly after a few beers!

I did my damnedest to get inside Wanda's panties that day, but it seems I just couldn't get her in the right mood! (I was plying her with beers, but she certainly can put them away!).

I at least got Wanda's phone number. I hope to meet her again and I won't give up till I either bed her or she tells me to fuck off! In the mean time, perhaps a few ladies will contact me from this site, to make my dream come true (and not forgetting those men). It was actually Wanda who made my idea for a site possible. She put me in contact with the photographer at the shoot that day who was going to do her site and has done this one for me.

This site contains sexually explicit adult images of models opening their legs wide, kissing and indulging in lesbian sex. Those under 18, or those easily offended should not enter.

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